Avid Interplay Archive Media Composer projectsQuadrus Archive is an easy-to-use software for archiving, consolidating and restoring complete Avid Media Composer projects and all their associated files including: Bins, Sequences, Media Files, Attics, Settings. It is an ideal tool to organize Avid Project life cycle.  It can also be used to take Avid Media Composer Project off site and merge changed files after editing.

  • Scans for Avid projects and all associated Avid project files
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Find all media files belonging to an Avid Project
  • Provide information on the space occupancy of an Avid Project
  • Archive/Restore Avid Media Composer project from drive/tape
  • Consolidate all project media files on the specified workspace or external drive/tape
  • Front Porch integration